Rome, the Fourth Beast – Daniel 7

In a series of prophecies given to Daniel throughout his life, the Lord laid out a timeline for the coming empires of human government which will rule the world.  These would reign in their appointed times until God chooses to replace them with His own government, led by the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Daniel lived fiveContinue reading Rome, the Fourth Beast – Daniel 7

Alexander the Great – Daniel 8

Alexander the Great was a young military genius who defeated the Medo-Persian empire in 333 BC.  He is the biblical king of Greece mentioned in the prophecies of Daniel, written almost two hundred years before Alexander lived.  Alexander’s armies moved swiftly like a leopard against the lumbering “bear” of Medo-Persia, two analogies used in Daniel’sContinue reading Alexander the Great – Daniel 8

Like a Bear – Daniel 7

The Lord gave the prophet Daniel a series of visions which depict the coming “kingdoms” of the earth followed by the appearance of His eternal kingdom, led by Jesus Christ.  This latter-day government will replace all the world systems that came before it. The first prophecy came in a dream God gave to King NebuchadnezzarContinue reading Like a Bear – Daniel 7

Beasts from the Sea – Daniel 7

With King Nebuchadnezzar now deceased and the empire of Babylon nearing its last days before defeat by King Cyrus of Medo-Persia, God presented Daniel with a new set of prophetic visions.  These visions would complement the divine insights given to earlier prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, painting a picture of a time when theContinue reading Beasts from the Sea – Daniel 7

Shaking the Universe – Haggai 2

Bible prophecy clearly states that God intends to shake the heavens and the earth before replacing thousands of years of world government with His own eternal one, to be led by the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  This will occur after a time of great conflict upon the earth, known as the Great Tribulation. 21 “Say to Zerubbabel,Continue reading Shaking the Universe – Haggai 2

Big Plans for a Small House – Haggai 2

We have rounded the last turn and are in the home stretch of this online meditation series built around the Genealogy of Jesus Christ.  The last person from the genealogy to be covered in the Old Testament – Zerubbabel – is here, and soon we will be looking at a series of prophecies by hisContinue reading Big Plans for a Small House – Haggai 2

In the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6

By the time he reached his elder years, the prophet Daniel had seen a lot.  He and his friends had been carried off into exile in Babylon as teenagers, but the Lord did not forget him.  Because of his faithfulness and God’s favor, he ended up in positions of authority in the king’s court ofContinue reading In the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6

Stirring Up Our Spirits – Haggai 1

Do you experience times when a part of you wants to do things we know are of service to God, but another part of you would rather just skip it and do something else?  I think most of us have days like that.  But if we do get too focused on our own needs overContinue reading Stirring Up Our Spirits – Haggai 1

Facing Opposition God’s Way – Ezra 4

What do believers do when someone or something comes against us unjustly and we feel helpless to stop them? This happened to the people who returned to Jerusalem from Babylon after seventy years of exile.  Even though they were simply obeying God and following His will to begin rebuilding the temple, local residents began toContinue reading “Facing Opposition God’s Way – Ezra 4”

Putting God First – Ezra 3

Led by their governor Zerubbabel, a large group of exiles returned to Jerusalem under the decree of Cyrus the Great and began the work of rebuilding the temple.  Governor Zerubbabel was a grandson of the last of the kings in the line of Judah and is in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  He is anContinue reading “Putting God First – Ezra 3”