Among the Myrtle Trees – Zechariah 1

Zechariah, God’s prophet to the former exiles returned from Babylon, was given a series of visions in the night which laid out God’s plans for the eternal future of Judah and Jerusalem in His coming kingdom of Heaven. Zechariah’s first vision was of a man riding a red horse, followed by other horses.  The visionContinue reading Among the Myrtle Trees – Zechariah 1

Return to Me – Zechariah 1

God’s tender call to return to Him is a common denominator in the lives of wayward believers.  Many young Christ followers, for whatever the reason, choose to leave the faith, or more commonly, to ignore it as they chase after the excitement and worldly opportunities of young adulthood.  I’m afraid I fell into that latterContinue reading Return to Me – Zechariah 1

Artaxerxes’ Decree – Nehemiah 2

In a special visitation during an impassioned prayer, the angel Gabriel brought the prophet Daniel God’s timetable for arrival of the coming Messiah.  Using the terminology of a week as a group of seven years, the message from God to Daniel stated: 25 So know and understand: From the issuing of the decree to restore andContinue reading Artaxerxes’ Decree – Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah’s Prayer – Nehemiah 1

Ninety-three years after the angel Gabriel brought Daniel the vision of the seventy weeks and the coming Messiah, God set in motion the event that would begin the process – the decree of King Artaxerxes to complete the rebuild of the city of Jerusalem. Artaxerxes was a king of the Medo-Persian empire, which under CyrusContinue reading Nehemiah’s Prayer – Nehemiah 1

Seventy Weeks Prophecy – Daniel 9

The prophet Daniel learned from reading the words of the prophet Jeremiah that the exile of God’s people in Babylon would last for seventy years.  This time period was based upon 490 years of ignoring God’s sabbath land requirements, as required by the law of Moses given eight centuries before Daniel.  Every seventh year wasContinue reading “Seventy Weeks Prophecy – Daniel 9”

Praying the Word – Daniel 9

In his later years, the prophet Daniel searched the scriptures to continue to gain a deeper understanding of the Lord’s nature, works, and ways.  In the book of Deuteronomy, Daniel found the reasons for the exile of his people to Babylon and the destruction of their temple in Jerusalem.  In the writings of Jeremiah, heContinue reading Praying the Word – Daniel 9

From the Books – Daniel 9

The Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt and eventually into their own land with an agreement, or covenant, that depended upon their commitment and obedience to the Law of Moses.  For His part, God promised to protect His people, shower them with blessing after blessing, forgive their sins and shortcomings, heal their diseases, andContinue reading From the Books – Daniel 9

On the Clouds of Heaven – Daniel 7

Daniel’s prophetic visions of four great world empires then points to a fifth, the kingdom of God, which will completely replace all that came before it.  It will be led by God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Daniel gives us our first introduction to this new king five centuries before Jesus was bornContinue reading On the Clouds of Heaven – Daniel 7

Heaven’s Court is Seated – Daniel 7

Daniel’s prophetic vision of four future empires concludes with a transition from the fourth human empire, Rome (and possibly its reconstitution with modern-day descendants), to the future installation of God’s kingdom on earth.  Towards the end of this final human empire, a person known as little horn, or Antichrist, will be permitted to draw uponContinue reading Heaven’s Court is Seated – Daniel 7

The Little Horn of Greece – Daniel 8

A curious entity known as the Little Horn emerges in two places in the Old Testament.  One, found in Daniel 8, will appear in the latter days of the Empire of Greece, and bring much suffering to Judah while ruling over it.  A second little horn will appear at the end of our modern era,Continue reading The Little Horn of Greece – Daniel 8