God’s Jewels – Malachi 3

Speaking though the prophet Malachi, the Lord tells us how He observes and regards our attitude towards Him and the ways that we reflect that in our actions. 16 Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the Lord and esteemedContinue reading “God’s Jewels – Malachi 3”

A Larger Shovel – Malachi 3

Who can outgive God? It has been said that no one can outgive the Lord, for whatever charitable gift we shovel His way, He will return it back to us using a larger shovel.  But there is a caveat – do it discreetly, or the praise of other people will suffice as our reward. AsContinue reading A Larger Shovel – Malachi 3

Settle Out of Court – Malachi 3

God watches over all of us but pays particular attention to the weak and helpless.  When Christ returns to rule and reign on earth in the last days, we will be held accountable for any abuses we have committed against the humble.  Best to approach the Judge now to confess and make amends for anyContinue reading Settle Out of Court – Malachi 3

A Purifying Fire – Malachi 3

The prophet Malachi foretold of a day when God Himself would appear at the temple in Jerusalem.  This would happen a first time when Jesus Christ was born of Mary to share the good news of the coming kingdom of God and to offer Himself as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of theContinue reading A Purifying Fire – Malachi 3

God’s Messenger – Malachi 3

Malachi, the final prophet in the Old Testament, foretells of another prophet who will arrive four hundred years later, John the Baptist.  John would be the herald for the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. 1 “See, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. Then the Lord you seek will suddenly comeContinue reading “God’s Messenger – Malachi 3”

A Good Spouse – Malachi 2

From the earliest scriptures, God states that He did not design people to live alone.  He takes the marriage relationship very seriously and has a deep interest in the way we are treating our spouses. The gift of marriage does not come to everyone, but if God wills it for us, we have certain responsibilitiesContinue reading A Good Spouse – Malachi 2

A Lamb Without Blemish – Malachi 1

The Bible clearly teaches that the fruit of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.  Jesus went to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, taking upon Himself a brutal death in our place so that we may enjoy a blameless life with Him into eternity.Continue reading A Lamb Without Blemish – Malachi 1

Faith and Love – Malachi 1

Returned to their land after a long and hard exile in Babylon, the people of Judah wondered if the Lord really did love them.  In response, God sent them the final prophet writer in the Old Testament, Malachi.  He assured them that God deeply loved them as He always had but did have a fewContinue reading Faith and Love – Malachi 1

God’s Timing is Everything – Esther 6

The evil Haman had manipulated King Ahasuerus (also called Xerxes) to issue an irrevocable decree calling for the murder and plunder of all Jewish residents throughout the Medo-Persian empire on a certain day.  To counter this, God had placed Esther in the palace as Queen, but thus far she had kept her heritage secret, andContinue reading God’s Timing is Everything – Esther 6

An Evil Manipulation – Esther 3

    11 Though they plot evil against you    and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed.  Psalm 21:11 (NIV) Throughout history, cunning people have often been able to manipulate their way into positions of power and influence.  This was true back in the time of Esther, whom God had elevated to Queen of Persia in order to protect and preserve HisContinue reading An Evil Manipulation – Esther 3